Why us?

In fristajlo! studio we give ideas personality. We bring character and emotions to light, in order to tell stories, that we finish off with a beautiful technique. This is what we love, and do best.

Learn aboutOur workflow 

What can you bring to life with us?

We create animated movies, that tell about your company, product, service or idea.
Because nothing is impossible in animation.

For you, we will bring animated commercials to life, we’ll create an explainer video or an animated infographic. We’ll make a strong entrance for your program with intro or credit titles and animate
a video clip to your tune.

Our workflow

Step 1.First of all, we find out what you need.
First of all, we find out what you need – where, how, when and for what purpose? We tinker with the script, pick an animation style and present you with the first sketches.

And, if you like what you see, we set the schedule, estimate the costs and sign
a contract.

Step 2. We’ll enchant you with concept arts
and character designs.
We’ll enchant you with concept arts
and character designs
. You’ll learn
the whole story from the storyboards. Together, we will pick the music
and the voice actors.

After a while, you’ll see how they work together on a simple animatic.

Step 3.Our most favourite part – animating!
Our most favourite part – animating!

We’ll watch the effects with delight, bring minor improvements to them and rejoice over finished animation! Yaaay!